Tower of London Audio Guide

Tower of London Audio guide


The Tower of London is one of the most spectacular castles in England and a must see for any visitor to London. With the iconic 'Beefeaters' and the Crown Jewels there is plenty to see. And with almost one thousand years of history, the walls have plenty of stories to tell.

This app will act as your own personal tour guide, showing you around the Tower and telling you all about the fortress, its ancient traditions and the people who have lived and died here over the centuries. There are 15 stops on this tour during which you will:

- hear who was marched up through Traitor's Gate
- walk through the home of King Edward I, the 'Hammer of the Scots'
- find out why the ravens are always in the Tower
- see the site of the scaffold where Anne Bolyen met her end
- listen to tale of a nearly successful attempt to steal the Crown Jewels
- discover the oldest, continually performed daily ceremony in the world
And much more.

To help you get the most out of your visit to the Tower of London this app features far more than a traditional audio guide. It includes:

- an hour of audio recordings telling you about the Tower
- old pictures of the Tower and its famous inhabitants
- a zoomable and pannable map
- Tower time line
- graphics showing the development of the Tower through the centuries
- advice on buying your tickets and opening times
- help getting to the Tower
- other attractions to visit close by

No internet connection or expensive data roaming charges required. All of the content is loaded onto your phone before you go.

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