Windsor Castle, Campden Hill

Windsor Castle Campden Hill Road

pubLondon is renowned for being spoiled with great pubs and bars – and Kensington is no exception. And since it’s London Beer Week this week, why not list some of the more quirky bars and pubs around the neighborhood?

Churchill Arms, Kensington – The first pub in London with a Thai restaurant.

One of the oldest pubs in London, this charming 1750s pub was regularly frequented by Winston Churchill’s grandparents and lead to the re-naming of the Pub to Churchill Arms. If you are a Churchill fan, then this is the right spot to admire some of his memorabilia. The pub is well known for its excellent Thai food (which is hard to find around Kensington).

So whether, you’re looking for a pub or just for a pint, then this is a Kensington pub that’s well worth a visit.

119 Kensington Church Street, London W8 7LN

020 7727 4242

Windsor Castle, Kensington – Charming relaxing beer garden in central London

No, it is not that Windsor Castle, this is a quirky pub in between Notting Hill Gate, Holland Park, and Kensington High Street. From the outside, the pub looks like an old cottage, however, step inside and you will find yourself lost in the late 1930s. The pub features four main rooms, a large central bar and a beautiful outside garden which evokes a countryside feeling. It tends to attract a relaxed refined crowd who will alternate from the clean crisp marble surroundings of Pavilion for a relaxed pint after work with colleagues and friends.

114 Campden Hill Road, London W8 7AR

020 7243 8797

Archangel, Kensington High Street – A cosy restaurant, bar and pub facing Hyde Park

This restaurant, cocktail bar and pub is somewhat of a landmark on Kensington High Street, considered to be a local institution. The beauty of this pub is the feeling you get when you walk in as the atmosphere is somewhere in between Soho bar and countryside pub. With great food and a large selection of drinks, this is a perfect spot to go to after work during the typical gloomy winter months.

11-13 Kensington High Street, London W8 5NP

020 7938 4137

Elephant & Castle, Kensington – Traditional Pub serving real ales and good quality pub food

This pub is a favourite of the journalistic and slightly artsy crowd. Set a mere stone throw away from Pavilion, this traditional Kensington pub features a unique character and serves a variety of real ales and high quality pub food. The Elephant and Castle is one of the many quirky pubs in the Nicholson’s collection. These pubs are reputed for their distinctive buildings, intriguing history and vibrant atmosphere.

40 Holland Street, London W8 4LT

020 7937 6382

Pavilion, Kensington High Street - A refined upscale brasserie: Restaurant, Bar and Members’ Club

Located within the leafy Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Pavilion is a restaurant and bar offering modern British cuisine.

Kensington Pavilion focuses on the very best of seasonal British produce creating an exceptional gastronomic experience. The restaurant is run by acclaimed Head Chef Adam Simmonds, previously of the eponymous Michelin starred restaurant at Danesfield House.

There is also an open kitchen and Chef’s Table where head Chef Adam Simmonds can cook for you, creating a remarkable dining experience.

Adam has created a sophisticated menu combining uncomplicated seasonal flavours for breakfast, lunch or dinner using only the finest ingredients. We have a large selection of different meats and cuts at Pavilion such as rib-eye, sirloin, fillet, T-Bone or a Cote du Boeuf aged 35 days.

In our restaurant we also have a beautiful pewter bar, an ideal place to enjoy innovative cocktails, fine Champagnes and it also has its own menu available throughout the day for guests who want to grab a quick bite at the bar.

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