Premier Inn London Hammersmith

Premier Inn near Tower of London

A Hotel Near The Tower of London & Tower Bridge - The Right Solution For You?

There is no denying that a hotel around the Tower of London is a great place to stay in London, it has good hotels, plenty to do and see, lots of restaurants and pubs in an area not overrun by tourists. The only things that could make you think twice is the price of hotel rooms during the working week when you are up against well heeled financial people from the City and the fact that the area is the other side of London from London's main airport, Heathrow - with no direct links. Hotels can be bargains at the weekends though and if you find a hotel you like and you are comfortable with the price, this is a great place to base yourself in London.

Hotels Near The Tower of London & Tower Bridge

Ibis The City
Doubles From £95 Room (Sampled Price For Early May 2016)

Just 20m from the entrance to Aldgate East underground and 650m from Liverpool Street station. Business district so rates cheaper at weekend. 348 modern guest rooms has satellite TV and tea and coffee making facilities. Restaurant offers bistro-style meals, bar. Cheapest room rates at weekends.

Rooms: Double/Twin & Triple Rooms
Underground: Aldgate East - 50m (Map Ref: 20)

Premier Inn Hub Tower Bridge
Doubles From £103 Room (Sampled Price For Early May 2016)

On the approach road to London's famous icon Tower Bridge this is a large 195 room modern hotel. London Bridge is close by with direct train links to Gatwick and Luton Airports.
Cheapest rates at weekend. Rooms can take 2 adults and up to 2 children. Spacious en suite bedrooms with tea and coffee making facilities.

Rooms: Double/Twin & Family Rooms
Underground: London Bridge - 500m (Map Ref: 15)

Premier Inn City (Tower Hill)
Doubles From £103 Room (Sampled Price For Early May 2016)

Right in the City, a short walk from Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the Thames, the hotel has good transport links and family-friendly rooms.
Cheapest rates at weekend. The stylish lounge bar offers beverages and snacks, and the restaurant serves a varied lunch and evening menu.

Rooms: Double/Twin & Family Rooms
Underground: Tower Hill - 300m (Map Ref: 27)

The Tower Hotel - 4 Star Hotel
Doubles From £112 Room (Sampled Price For Early May 2016)

Next to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London by fashionable St Katherine's Dock. On edge of the City Of London. Cheapest rates at weekend. Air conditioned rooms with safety deposit boxes, freeview TV, tea/coffee. 24 hour front desk, Restaurant. Bar with views of Tower Bridge. Rates at weekend far cheaper. Free WiFi..

Rooms: Single, Double/Twin Rooms
Underground: Tower Hill - 100m (Map Ref: 13)

Motel One London - Tower Hill
Doubles From £113 Room (Sampled Price For Early May 2016)

In the City financial district, it has free Wi-Fi and large, air-conditioned rooms. Monument and Bank London Underground Station are 400 metres away.
Guests have free use of a computer and printer, free bottled water and free use of the fitness room. The Private Club Room has free newspapers, magazines, coffee and tea.

Rooms: Single, Double rooms
Underground: Aldgate - 200m (Map Ref: 16)

Qbic Hotel London City - 3 Star Hotel

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London Outside Premier Inn
London Outside Premier Inn
REVIEW HOTEL PREMIER INN London Southwark (Tate Modern)
REVIEW HOTEL PREMIER INN London Southwark (Tate Modern)

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