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When we first moved in, I gave the rental agent a list of certain things that were not done and needed work on the day after we moved in because we have something like seven days to let him know.. Took a very long time to get anything worked on, about a month.. WELL COME TO FIND OUT, HE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE LIST.. Then turned around and told us that we should have notified him within the 7 days? You really do not remember me giving you the list the day after we moved in? Come on now.. The maintenence man with the black hat on, always in a bad mood. VERY disrespectful and will accuse you of messing with something when he's the last person who even touched it. He doesn't even fix it the right way. Gives us a hard time about everything that needs to be fixed. Overall a terrible experience.
What I can say positive is this: the townhouse is located in a very quiet area. It is worth the $945 as long as everything is FIXED. The toilets hardly ever work. The sink leaks all the time and maybe if they would do their job right, we would not have to complain about something being broke all of the time. We are very patient people, and we don't bother anyone around here.. but we are treated like dirt whenever we need something fixed!
Oh, and we live in the back.. so there are a bunch of old dangling trees above our building, and one tree fell and really messed up the side of the apartment on the end. The tree til this day is STILL laying on the ground. They hired someone to "clean up the mess" but it's still there. Our neighbors complain about the same things. Just awful..
They have a dog poo policy here as to everyone has to pick up their dog's mess outside. Well, nobody does it.. How do I know? I step in it all the time just walking to my car!
Moving in here seemed like a dream come true at first, but turned into nothing but problems and we are stuck here until June 2014. We will be flying out of here with gasoline drawers as soon as the lease is up! Never again. If I didn't have to rate this I wouldn't! That's how horrible this place is.

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