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Visiting Stonehenge from London

Every day there is a wide range of tours available to Stonehenge from London.

There are Stonehenge only tours that just go to Stonehenge from London and return. This is the cheapest way of visiting Stonehenge from London. However its 2 hours on the coach in each direction plus 2 hours at Stonehenge.

The vast majority of people make a day of it combining Stonehenge with one or two other attractions and 2 day tours are increasingly popular with an overnight stay included.

The most popular tours that include Stonehenge are the Stonehenge and Bath and Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor Castle tours, but there are many others. (See table at foot of page).

Stonehenge From London By Public Transport

Travelling independently and using public transport to get to Stonehenge you need to get to Salisbury, the closest town of any size that has a railway station with frequent schedules to London.

Salisbury is well worth a minimum half days visit in its own right and combined with a visit to Stonehenge makes an excellent day out. A special Stonehenge hop on, hop off bus shuttles between Salisbury and Stonehenge.

Stonehenge You Must Book Tickets In Advance, Paying On Day Is Not An Option !

If you are visiting independently to be assured of entering Stonehenge you must reserve tickets in advance on the Stonehenge web site (see banner link below). If you have a heritage pass or are a National Trust or English Heritage member and are entitled to free entry you still need to obtain (free) tickets in advance.

Note: you cannot reserve tickets on-line on the day of your visit, you must reserve before midnight latest on the day before. Only a very small number of tickets are held back each day for walk-up visitors.

Note: the last bookable 30 minute time slot is 2.5 hours before closing time of Stonehenge. Closing times are variable according to month of the year.

Stonehenge Entrance Prices & Opening Times


Opening Times



16 Mar - 31 May

09.30 - 19:00

Child (5-15)


1 Jun - 31 Aug

09.00 - 20:00

Students/Seniors *


1 Sep - 15 Oct

Family Ticket †


16 Oct - 15 Mar

09.30 - 17:00

Special Access Visits

During normal opening hours you cannot walk up to the stones themselves.

The nearest you will get to the stones is about 10 yards, the monument being roped off by a low barrier, (see picture below).

However it is possible to walk up to and among the stones at Stonehenge outside public opening hours. These are called Special Access visits. During these sessions of one hour duration, only 26 people are allowed onto Stonehenge going beyond the barriers and walking amongst the stones.

The fact that these Stonehenge Special Access visits are outside public opening hours mean that they are at dawn or evening. Given that London is 2 hours drive from London this obviously provides logistical issues in getting there.

The Special Access Visits are also immensely popular, demand far outstrips supply and they are often sold out months in advance.

We have dedicated pages for people independently wanting to partake in a Stonehenge Special Access Visit and also a page on scheduled Stonehenge Special Access Tours From London.

Image Depicting How Close You Can Get To Stones At Stonehenge During Public Opening Hours

Visiting Stonehenge and/or Bath and/or Windsor

Stonehenge Morning Or Afternoon Half Day Tour - £47

Stonehenge & London Day Tour - £49

Full Day Stonehenge With An Astronomer Guide - £69.30

Windsor Castle Morning Half Day Tour - £39

Windsor Castle & Hampton Court (Apr to Oct) - £87

Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge (inc Lunch, no adm Roman Baths) - £82

Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge (No Lunch, inc adm Roman Baths) - £87

Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge (Small Group - Max 16 people) - £129

Stonehenge & Bath (Stonehenge admission only) - 3.5 hrs in Bath - £52

Stonehenge & Bath (Stonehenge & Baths adm) - 3.5 hrs in Bath - £59

Stonehenge & Windsor - £59

Stonehenge & Avebury - £65

Windsor, Stonehenge & Oxford - £87

Windsor, Stonehenge & Salisbury - £65

Bath, Stonehenge & Salisbury - £92

Stratford, Cotswolds, Bath & Stonehenge - £98

Visiting Cotswolds and/or Oxford and/or Stratford and/or Warwick

Oxford, Stratford & Warwick Castle - £82

In-depth Cotswolds Only Tour + Lunch - £85

Blenheim Palace, Downton Abbey Village & Cotswolds Tour - £76

Visiting Canterbury, Leeds Castle & Dover

Leeds Castle, Dover & Canterbury with river cruise - £82

Leeds Castle, Dover & Canterbury (Small Group Apr - Oct) - £129

Special Theme Tours

Small Group Tours (Maximum 16 people)

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Day Trips From London - Stonehenge and Hampton Palace
Day Trips From London - Stonehenge and Hampton Palace
Matthew from Canada visiting Stonehenge | Discover
Matthew from Canada visiting Stonehenge | Discover ...
Visiting London
Visiting London

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