London tower bridge address

Tower Bridge address

Caity BWThis is a guest post by Caity O’Shaughnessy from Louisville, Kentucky, currently a resident at Urbanest Tower Bridge. She is studying Management Masters course at University of Westminster who also is the writer of wheretheheartis.

Interesting fact: “I am a huge theatre junkie and Beatles obsessed.”

What I love most about London are the parks, the architecture, the people, the West End, the markets, the views – EVERYTHING!”

There are always a few ‘must-haves’ when I am looking for a place to live. Safety is a top priority; with transportation links close behind it. The third, and still a very big factor, is the surrounding places such as the supermarket.

Tesco Express

This is normally my go-to store. It’s the closest to my flat and has everything that I need. While it is smaller than a normal supermarket and may not have all of the special things you may be looking for, it’s perfect for a routine trip to the store. Tesco is usually one of the more affordable supermarkets too, which makes it great that it’s so close.

Address: 90 Mansell Street

Sainsbury’s Local

Sainsbury’s is only a few steps away from the Tesco Metro I mentioned above, and a lot of people favor this supermarket over others. The store is a bit bigger in size to the Tesco, and has a few more items. I will find myself coming here if I am looking for something specific – they also have much better cheese in my opinion, which makes them a front runner. I mean, good cheese is important.

Address: 23 Mansell Street

Tesco Metro

This is another option if you are looking for affordable, but also having everything that may be on your list. This Tesco is only a stone’s throw away near Liverpool Street, and it is HUGE! Aisles on aisles; they have everything you could imagine, and more. Advice for this: don’t go here on an empty stomach.

Address: 158-164 Bishopsgate


Located just over the bridge, this is a small chain with all of the deals. With a lot of products cut in half, it’s almost worth the walk over the bridge to grab some things from here.

Address: 134 Tooley Street

The Co-operative Food

This supermarket prides itself on their focus of ethical practice; supporting the UK farming industry, providing high quality food, and retaining an eco-friendly atmosphere. It’s only a short way away from Urbanest near the Tower Bridge so you can do your shopping and get a nice little glimpse of the city. Can’t argue with a good excuse to take a walk along the river.

Address: 168 Tower Bridge Road

Planet Organic

If you couldn’t already tell by the name, this is a healthier option to grocery shopping. I love Planet Organic, and will go there specifically for some things such as Tomato Sauce, Coconut Oil, and Peanut Butter; but as far as a full out list of things, it is a little pricier than the things above. I would always advice to do what I do; grab the priorities from here, and the other necessities from a larger and more affordable chain.

Address: 10 Devonshire Square

If you are looking for a few simple things – some snacks, a bottle of wine – there are also plenty of stop-and-shops right almost next door Urbanest! Leave the building and walk either way down the street and you are bound to run into one in less than 60 seconds. These are packed full of goodies, and I always tend to wander into them on my way home whether I’m looking for a simple snack or a few groceries – they are just so convenient! With all of these options on top of the great transportation links and safe environment, it’s clear to say that I am overly happy with my choice to stay here. And to top it all off – if I’m not feeling to do my supermarket shopping, I’ve got restaurants and take away shops all within reach. An absolutely PERFECT area to call home if you ask me!

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Tower Bridge London ~ History Of London Bridge
Tower Bridge London ~ History Of London Bridge
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London Bridge y Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

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