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Our standard check-in time is from 14:00 Monday-Thursday and Sunday, and from 15:00 Friday-Saturday. You may request an earlier check-in when making your reservation, but we cannot always guarantee that your room will be ready at this time-particularly if it has been booked from the previous night. You will, however, be able to leave your luggage with us at the concierge desk until your room becomes available.

What is your normal check-out time? Can this be extended?

Our normal check-out time is until 11:00 Monday-Sunday. Late check-out is chargeable at £20.00 per extra hour. Guests wishing to check-out later than 17:00 will be charged for a full night’s accommodation.

I do not have a credit card – can I still make a hotel booking?

Unfortunately, online hotel bookings cannot be made unless a valid credit card can be provided to secure your reservation. Should you wish to book a room without a credit card, you can contact our Central Reservations team to make a provisional booking. Please note that provisional bookings will automatically be released by 14:00 on the date of arrival so you must check in ahead of this time.

What types of credit card do you accept as payment?

We accept the following cards for payment and booking: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and Diners Club International.

What is your cancellation policy?

For individual bookings made at our Best Available Rates, rooms must be cancelled no later than 24 hours prior to arrival. For corporate bookings made using agreed Corporate Rates, rooms must be cancelled by 14:00 on the day of arrival. Rooms booked at special rates may be subject to different cancellation terms, so please check your booking confirmation for details.

In the event that you do not arrive or cancel your room with appropriate notice, your credit card will be charged for the first night’s accommodation plus 20% of that amount.

I have a lot of luggage, will someone be able to help me get it to my room?

Our team of porters and concierge are on hand 24 hours a day should you require assistance with luggage, bulky equipment or large packages.

What is the difference between your room types?

We offer Superior, Executive and Club rooms, and also have a limited number of female friendly rooms and luxury suites. All rooms are fully en-suite.

The main difference between each room type is the size of the bed: Superior rooms have either twin or queen-size beds, and Executive and Club rooms have queen or king-size beds. Suites offer generous king or super king-size beds, and separate lounge areas.

Are pets allowed in your bedrooms?

With the exception of guide dogs or helper dogs, pets are not allowed in any of our hotel rooms.

Can I smoke in my bedroom or around the hotel?

We operate a non-smoking policy throughout the hotel. However, smoking is permitted in a designated outside smoking area in addition to a limited number of guest bedrooms.

Do you offer any promotional rates on rooms?

Our room rates are not fixed and vary depending on availability, room type and terms of stay. Guests who are not booked on special rates will automatically be offered our Best Available Rate. Details of our current promotions and packages can be found on our Special Offers pages.

Does your hotel offer any extra services for female travellers?

Yes, selected bedrooms have been specially adapted with ‘female friendly’ facilities for the added comfort of our female guests and travellers. Full details of facilities can be found on our Female Friendly Rooms pages.

Can you put a cot or an extra bed in my room for my children?

Yes, cots are available free of charge for infants aged 2 years and under.

Do you have babysitting or crèche facilities?

Unfortunately we do not offer babysitting or crèche facilities in the hotel. Guests can however be referred to a 3rd party babysitting agency, subject to sufficient notice.

Do you have food menus that are suitable for children?

Yes, both Forum restaurant and Lutetia Bar and Brasserie offer a range of options for younger diners. Sample menus can be viewed on individual pages in our Bar and Dining section.

Do you charge for Wi-Fi and internet use?

We are pleased to offer free Wi-Fi in all bedrooms and public areas within the hotel. Our bedrooms also offer a high-speed broadband connection if required. To obtain our Wi-Fi network password, please contact the hotel reception desk.

Does your hotel offer any business services?

Our Club Lounge on the First Floor contains a range of business facilities, including PC workstations, colour printers, fax machine and scanner. Photocopying services can also be provided on request. With the exception of guests who have booked our Club Upgrade, access to the Club Lounge is subject to a nominal charge. Please contact the hotel reception desk to obtain an access card.

Can I use the hotel for business meetings?

Yes, we have a dedicated floor of meeting rooms that can host a range of events – from business meetings and conferences to gala dinners and wedding receptions. For detailed descriptions of our meeting rooms and their capacities, please browse our Meetings and Events pages.

What is Club Service and how do I upgrade?

Club Service is an elite upgrade that offers our guests additional privileges during their stay.

Club benefits include priority 11:00 check-in and late 14:00 check-out, complimentary refreshments and beverages throughout the day, 24-hour use of Business Centre facilities on the First Floor, and exclusive access to the Club Lounge on the First Floor to relax, catch up on work, or entertain personal guests.

Please note that Club Service upgrades are only available to guests booking Executive standard rooms, and a per person surcharge of £49.00 + VAT applies.

Do you have an in-house restaurant?

The Grange City has a range of in-house restaurants and bars, serving a variety of food and drink – ranging from speciality Japanese cuisine to light snacks and wines and spirits. You can browse all our outlets on our Bar and Dining pages.

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View from our suite hotel room Tower Bridge - London
View from our suite hotel room Tower Bridge - London ...
A room at the Grange City Hotel, London
A room at the Grange City Hotel, London Grange City Hotel London Grange City Hotel London

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