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St. George's Chapel mapKey to numbered locations

1 - Nave - This is a good spot to view the slender Perpendicular Gothic columns which soar up to the fan-vaulted ceiling overhead.
1a - Cenotaph of Prince Imperial - A memorial to the son of Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie of France, killed in the Zulu War in 1879.
2 - Beaufort Chantry - The marble tomb of Charles Somerset (d. 1526) and his first wife.
3 - West Nave Central - The richly decorated bosses in the roof above the nave bear the coats of arms of Henry VII, his family and court officials.
4 - Urswick Chantry - This chantry chapel, built in 1507, commemorates Dean Urswick, confidant of Henry VII. In the chaple is a marble monument to Princess Charlotte, daughter of George IV, who died in childbirth in 1817.
5 - Tomb of George V and Queen Mary
5a- Rutland Chapel (not generally open to the public) - The chapel houses the tomb of George Manners, Lord Roos (d. 1513), and his wife Anne.
6 - King George VI Memorial Chapel and Tomb
7 - Hastings Chantry - Chantry chapel for Lord Hastings (d. 1483), who was executed by order of Richard III.
8 - Edward IV's Tomb - The king (d. 1483) and Queen Elizabeth Woodville lie here.
9 - Wrought Iron Gates - These intricate gates were designed to protect the tomb of Edward IV.
10 - Tudor Oriel Window - The ornately carved wooden window was built by Henry VIII as a gallery for Katherine of Aragon.
11 - Reredos and East Window - Built in 1863 as a memorial to Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria.
12 - Garter Stalls - Most of the stalls were carved 1475-1483. Each stall bears the insignia of current Knights of the Garter. Brass and copper plates bear the arms of past knights from the 14th century to the present.
13 - Royal Vault - George II, George IV, and William IV are buried here, with other members of the royal familiy.
14 - Tombs of Henry VIII and Charles I
15 - Roof Bosses - At the crossing are the arms of Henry VII and those of the Garter Knights
16 - The Royal Stalls
17 - West Window - The stained-glass window, completed in 1509, portrays 75 royals, saints, and popes.
18 - Bray Chantry - Tomb of Sir Reginald Bray (d. 1503).
19 - Oliver King Chapel - Oliver King was Canon of Windsor (1480-1503) and later Bishop of Bath and Wells. He was secretary to no less than 4 kings, whose portraits appear on the opposite wall.
20 - Edward III's sword - The battle sword made for King Edward, measuring 6 feet 8 inches long.
21 - Oxenbridge Chantry - Chantry tomb of a canon of Windsor (d. 1522). Over the door of the chapel are an Ox, a letter 'N', and a Bridge.
22 - Henry VI's Tomb - Henry was reburied here in 1484. The tomb was the scene of reported miracles, making it a pilgrimage destination. There is an alms box made of wrought-iron beside the tomb to receive the gifts of pilgrims.
23 - Tomb of Edward VII (d. 1910) and Queen Alexandra
24 - Lincoln Chapel - Within the chapel is the tomb of the Earl of Lincoln (d. 1585) and his third wife. This chapel was originally dedicated to Master John Schorn (d. 1314).
25 - East Doors - Beautiful 13th century ironwork frames the doors (built 1240), which once formed the entry to Henry III's Chapel.
26 - Dean's Cloister - The interior tracery of the cloister was built in 1352.

St. George's Chapel history

Windsor Castle

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Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle
Plane over windsor castle
Plane over windsor castle

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